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Monday, May 7, 2012

1977 - a slight delay

Thirty-five years ago saw an event that had never happened before and that has not occured since. The technicians at the host broadcaster BBC went on strike and a little over a week before the final, the entire contest was postponed.

Most countries had already broadcast the previews and started speculations about who might be the winner, and then everyone just had to cancel their tickets and sit back to wait for a new date.

Instead of April 2nd, the eighteen competing countries had to wait another five weeks and on this very day, 7th of May, the delayed contest was held.

Some of the red hot favourites had cooled down considerably and the juries chose to ignore the disco hits from Germany and Belgium, who had already had their heyday in the international charts. Instead a piece of classic French chanson stood the test of an extra five weeks and won through in the end after an intense battle with the home team, while Sweden ended in last place with a tribute to the legendary Beatles.

Not only did Marie Myriam win and land a huge hit single with her song, she also celebrated her 20th birthday on the very day of the final. A double celebration for her, in other words.

France has not won the ESC since and Sweden has not been last in a final since either.

Marie Myriam - L'oiseau et l'enfant (France 1977)

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  1. Did you ever get to hear the Director's gallery room chatter during the final few moments of that Eurovision contest? It does give a unique (and quite funny) impression of how frantic some of these live broadcasts can be: