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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Eurovision for Chinese

There are, as far as I can think up, not many Eurovision entries through the years that bear any links to China. Lukas Plöchl, half of Austria's Trackshittaz, is half Chinese. And that is about it. If you can think of other acts with a Chinese link, please enlighten me with a comment.

But there is a community of Eurovision fans in China, which ESC Nation pointed out on Twitter.

I had to check their blog out, and they are busy voting for their favourite entries this year. And their standings at the moment differ quite a bit from the European fan votes.

I'm also happy to see Finland being one of three Nordic countries to score as yet, as well as a lovely Chinese translation of "När jag blundar".

I, who always wondered how non-europeans percieve this old contest of ours, find this blog very pleasant. If you want a slightly different perspective, I suggest you check it out as well.

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  1. Good find! The blogger's perspective on ESC, part 1, is here:

    P.S. "När jag blundar" is a rare delight and personal favourite. A quiet revolution amidst established ESC formulae. Definitely something to be proud of.