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Sunday, May 13, 2012

ESC 2012: I only trust myself

Rehearsals have started in Baku and it is all very exciting. In a matter of days, I will be there myself and then there is a risk that this blog will go a bit silent. There will be plenty of work to be done and all, but during Eurovision week there are so many ways for you to get your needed ESC fix anyway.

The first reports have started to come in after the rehearsals of Montenegro and Iceland, and they are very much like I expected them to be.

The people who tended to favour Iceland already before are sure of qualification. Others are equally sure that the package is nice but not enough to convince the voters.

Same old story, in other words. It is very easy to get really enthusiastic about something during rehearsals. Or disappointed if you find a favourite performs worse than you expected.

But we know nothing after seeing one rehearsal with no camera work. We are still guessing almost as much as we did after the preview clips.

Therefore, I have decided only to trust my own ears and eyes. Not that I am better or smarter or have a better ear for music (certainly not!) but I'm not worse at predicting compared to anyone else I know.

So I follow YouTube clips and other people's opinions as they come in, I value them and let them entertain me.

But I won't make any conclusions before I'm in Baku myself.

Montenegro's first rehearsal in Baku

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  1. Thank you, Tobias, for your wise analysis of our (us the Finns I mean) relationship to our Eurovision history on Min morgon, the swedish morning show. We tend to cling on to our losses and forget the good times. Yesterday I heard someone say that Finland will get nul points "again", although it is 30 years from the last time that happened and 47 years from the last time before 1982.

    We love failure. In 2007 the biggest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat had a long article before the contest in Helsinki about we are going to blow that as well.