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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today is a special day

April 19 1980, thirty-two years ago today, was a special day in many ways. It saw the last Eurovision final to date hosted in the Netherlands, in The Hague to be precise.

Johnny Logan landed Ireland's second victory, Ralph Siegel got closer than ever before to winning the whole thing, Tomas Ledin of Sweden dropped his microphone chord during the performance but managed to plug it back in before he had to start singing again.

Morocco made its only appearance to date and remains the only African country ever to participate, surprisingly not recieving a single point from Turkey, the other muslim country taking part that year.

And Belgium, inspired by the fact that it was the 25th ESC, sang a song to celebrate the occasion. A kind of "happy birthday" to this beloved contest.

And perhaps for tiny Tobson, who had his fourth birthday that specific day. So happy birthday, Eurovision. And happy birthday to me.

Telex - Euro-vision (Belgium 1980)

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