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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Song of the Day: Israel 1985

In my review I mentioned Izhar Cohen and his impossibly cheerful backing group from Gothenburg 1985, so I felt like showing them to you all as well for reference.

But not for reference only.

It is a jolly good and catchy litte song, one if Israel's best ones in the 80's if you ask me. And the performance is a bit of a thriller as well.

Keep your eyes on the blonde backing singer, the one wearing what I'd call blue. Or green. You'd probably call it something else. The girl not wearing pink. She is happily dancing and happily smiling, but when she gets to the chorus you suspect she was hired for her dancing skills alone.

Her voice cuts through the first chorus like a chainsaw, and the reason I'm sure it must be her is because of what happens next.

During the second verse, her tiny microphone breaks free from her dress and starts living a life very much of its own. It takes a while before she notices it and decides to do something about it... and she hides it well. Blink and you will miss it.

A highly entertaining entry on many different levels indeed.

Izhar Cohen - Olé Olé (Israel 1985)

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  1. Possibly my favourite Israeli song of all time. So good.