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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tobson Ranking: #6 Ireland

That Irish song, that really is a bouncy number. Yet that is absolutely nothing compared to the performers.

Jedward - Lipstick (Ireland 2011)

First of all - who would have thought that Ireland would ever come up with something like this? All those endless years of bagpapes and violins and flutes and pretty harmonies and love ballads, when they had a couple of Jedwards stashed away somewhere.

From this moment on, no country will ever have an excuse again. If Ireland can produce something as wild and crazy and funny as this, then everyone can.

Jedward themselves are beyond description, really. Or let me put you like this: I love them on a stage, but would rather be eaten by eels than get stuck in a lift with them.

They leave most of the singing to the backing singers and hop around like two spring mad calves unleashed for the first time.

They also have a catchy little song which proves the perfect vehicle for them. If they can use their ESC stardom in the long run remains to be seen, but I wish them all the best. As long as they don't move in next door.

Their song is good, but five songs are better in my mind. So the twins narrowly miss out on a top five in my ranking, but I very much doubt that will get them down. I have no idea what in the world would.

My grade: 4 / 5

1 comment:

  1. If you liked this ^^ You should have seen them on the UK X Factor.
    Most crazy and insane people ever, and they were a huge hit in the UK (which is probably why we gave them 12 points :P)