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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tobson Ranking: #1 Germany

She did it again, didn't she? For the second year running, I have Lena as my number one. But she's not quite the same, is she?

Lena - Taken By A Stranger (Germany 2011)

When Germany announced that Lena would have another go at the title, I thought it was a really bad idea. So many things could go wrong there. So easy to ruin the good impression she created when winning in Oslo.

But instead Team Lena did everything just right.

Selecting such a different and daring entry was complete genius. Such a minimalistic and suggestive piece of music had never been heard in Eurovision before. Who cares if the masses don't understand?

The elegant dance routine in the background, the acting skills of Lena (watch out for those crazy eyes!) and the play with mirrors in the background create an almost Hitchcook-esque feeling to this entry.

Just like Bosnia, this is more a piece of art than a eurovision entry.

Lena holds the whole thing together fabulously and it is easy to forget how young she is, and that she was discovered only a year ago.

Also, with more than a hint of something dark and disturbing, this song brings something fresh and modern into the competition. Congratulations Germany on being the best for the second year running.

The televoters and juries may not have understood, but that's just a detail.


My grade: 5 / 5


  1. The performance of the night, I totally agree.

  2. Completely agree :)
    I love Lena as a singer, she brings character into songs and really seems to make them her own.
    It was stand out, and believe me, this song live in the arena was amazing! x

  3. as i´m german i may a bit biased about the german entry
    but i was and i´m still very proud about the german entry and the performence Lena did
    she was faboulous and magical
    kind of avantgarde, just like ESC should be

  4. Perhaps it's an interesting amendment that Lena's official video of "Taken by a stranger" is nominated for an "Echo" - the most important German music award - as "best video national". I suppose it's the first time that a video of an ESC-song is nominated for an important European award.