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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tobson Ranking: #4 Hungary

What better way to attempt a comeback than to send in a bright and shiny piece of pop perfection?

Kati Wolf - What About My Dreams (Hungary 2011)

If we only discuss this entry from the perspective of sheer songwriting, this is a completely flawless creation. Catchy, loaded with lovely hooks, full of cute little references to other pop music (mainly Whitney Houston when she wanted to dance with somebody) performed by a blond Lara Fabian.

What is there not to love? A perfect radio hit and a perfect eurosong all rolled into one.

Unfortunately, the live performance doesn't quite live up to expectation. Kati's voice isn't always in place, there is something awkward about the stage show, something about that dress.

When the pieces don't fall into place like they should, it doesn't help how beautiful the picture on your jigsaw puzzle was intended to be.

That said, a 22nd place was a slap on the face. Wonderful Kati deserved so much more, and I'm left wanting more more more.

I want to see and hear more of her, preferrably backed by the same production team.

My grade: 4 / 5

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