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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Austria won and we are all winners

My prediction was right - Austria went all the way, scored its second victory and Conchita Wurst is a sensation everywhere.

I wrote earlier today that I refuse to believe Europe is as bigoted and prejudiced as many people seem to think and that no politics could hold Conchita back from victory.

I'm very happy about the Austrian victory and I am very happy about being right.

I'm also very happy about Finland making it all the way to 11th place - that is like a small victory for us.

There were many things that surprised me in the voting and some really good songs that were completely overlooked by the audience, but at least most of the voting looked fair and lacking those fishy, possibly manipulated, points we've seen so many of lately.

I will try analysing the numbers a bit tomorrow, but right now I will content myself with being totally happy and at ease with the winner.

The complete results:

1. Austria 290 points, 2. Netherlands 238, 3. Sweden 218, 4. Armenia 174, 5. Hungary 143, 6. Ukraine 113, 7. Russia 89, 8. Norway 88, 9. Denmark 74, 10. Spain 74, 11. Finland 72, 12. Romania 72, 13. Switzerland 64, 14. Poland 62, 15. Iceland 58, 16. Belarus 43, 17. United Kingdom 40, 18. Germany 39, 19. Montenegro 37, 20. Greece 35, 21. Italy 33, 22. Azerbaijan 33, 23. Malta 32, 24. San Marino 14, 25. Slovenia 9, 26. France 2.

1 comment:

  1. There has been some talk about Conchita, whether she would had won without the drag queen concept. She was not my best favourite but I gave half of my votes to her because her state performance was just superb. Her vocals were so fantastic and full of feeling. The text in the song sounded very personal and yet universal. We all have been in an awkward situation and maybe we did Rise like a Phoenix.
    What more this song is outstanding,it sounds familiar but so do all the power ballads. The song was effective and well written, the orchestration just stunning with symphony orchestra: a good way to do well in ESC.
    What more Conchita had thought about her appearance a lot, she always acted nicely, gave intersting interviews and never blamed anybody. She also wore decent clothes on the stage which was nice (if you compare with the Polish dresses).
    I have been watching ESC for 40 years now so her appearance made no difference to me. For me it is difficult to understand what makes people so angry with Conchita. She never harmed anybody. She only sand a song.