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Monday, January 16, 2012

We won't be going to Riga in 2013...

Latvia has completed both of its semifinals and boiled the twenty hopefuls down to ten finalists, battling it out for the final ticket to Baku.

The Latvian performances have been a bit erratic for the last few years. First they sent three entries in a row that did reasonably well but all had a distinct taste of novelty acts (2006 - 2008), and the three entries since then have all failed to make it out of the semis.

After listening once to all the songs in the running, I wouldn't bet my last penny on an improved showing this year.

Most of the songs in the lineup are surprisingly dull and indistinct, which is surprising given how vital the music scene is in Latvia. At some point, most of the local professionals seem to have given up the whole idea of Eurovision.

Given the chance that I have missed some song that will grow strong and effective on a second listen, I dare say none of these entries will stand a chance internationally in its own right.

The Disco Superfly entry could come across as a bit fresh but starts annoying you well before its three minutes are over. Trianas Parks enter with a solid entry that sounds good but lacks that certain something to make you remember it.

And then there is the novelty act. Again. Packed with eurovision references as well as a whole bunch of fairly amusing things snooped from here and there in the universe of Pop, the Mad Show Boys are at least a bit of fun. At least for one listening.

It is with a heavy heart that I state that we most probably won't be going to Riga in 2013 either. What a shame on a beautiful city.

Mad Show Boys - Music Thief (Latvia national final 2012)

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