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Sunday, January 29, 2012

France 2012: Anggun adds a bit of temper

I have had a bubbly gut feeling ever since France revealed they had convinced Indonesian star Anggun to go to Eurovision to represent them.

Anggun is a dignified and worthy representative, having had her international break thanks to French producers and songwriters back in the late 90's.

Today, her entry for Baku was made official, and with such great expectations hanging over you it is hard not to disappoint.

Anggun - Echo (You and I) (France 2012)

On a first listening, I must admit to feeling a bit confused. It wasn't crystal clear where this song was heading, what tempo it would settle for and what part of it really constituted the chorus.

That slight criticism aside, I did hear the nifty production, the warm timbre of Anggun's lovely voice as well as the energetically persistent whistle hook that comes and goes all through the song.

Also, what must be remembered is that Anggun possesses an impressive stage persona with a strong presence and gravity. If the song needs an extra push at first, Anggun is the right performer to provide it.

Given an effective stage show (and a bit of luck in the draw), France could turn out to be the contender they were expected to be for the last few years but never quite lived up to.

Very well done!


  1. Anggun's voice is really one of a kind. And for the first time in Eurovision, France manages to mélange two languages without sounding artificial and forced.

    Wouldn't it be great if, for the second time, one of the big five would take away the trophy? Well, maybe we'll better wait and hear the other 42 songs first.

  2. I love this and am really looking forward to the stage presentation! Agree with the above comment - the moving between languages is really natural and what a unique voice!

  3. Why bringing an Indonesian star when you have Alizee? Really, I don't get it... Hogla