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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cyprus 2012: La La Love

Cypriot broadcaster RIK announced already early in the season that they would have themselves represented by X-Factor starlet Ivi Adamou in Baku, discontinuing the not too successful talent show set-up used for selecting their entrant in 2011.

Ivi found herself three songs for a national final, none of which written by local songwriters.

Repeating myself like an old vinyl record with a big scratch in it, I still find it disappointing when countries won't use local talent at Eurovision. Anyone could buy good songs from a publisher, but an ESC final where half the songs are written by Diane Warren and the other half by RedOne would not be a happy prospect in my book.

However, songwriting is turning more international, and the main focus at Eurovision since many years back are the singers anyway. End of rant.

On a first listening, I found all three songs pretty dull and disinteresting, but I must admit that the winner is growing on me.

Ivi Adamou - La La Love (Cyprus 2012)

Not entirely my cup of tea, but I'm beginning to see the potential of a simple but hooky piece of beach party disco that everyone can sing along to from the word go.

It reminds me quite a lot of Turkey's 2009 entry by Hadise with its slightly oriental-flavoured arrangement and steady rhythm.

And there has been worse hooks than a lot of la-la-la's in a row. Don't you agree, Massiel?

Massiel - La La La (Spain 1968)

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  1. Ivi Adamou must proove herself as a good live singer before I put my money on this one. This version sounds very autotuned to me, which makes me wonder can she actually hit the right notes without electronical enhancing.