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Saturday, May 18, 2013

ESC 2013: the voting order in the final

You've got to admire the EBU and their current ambition to make the ESC as exciting as possible for as long a time as possible, and since 2011 they sequence the order the countries vote in so that a winner will emerge as late as possible during the voting sequence.

A good ambition that worked well in 2011 and less so in 2012 as Loreen decided to literally run away with the trophy in a way that no mathematic game play could have made look exciting for any longer portion of time.

After the juries had cast their votes last night, the EBU computer went into hard labour and made the perfect voting sequence order to sustain tension for the longest time, at least before the televotes have been added.

Are there any clues to the result here? Most of the Nordic countries vote early which would make a Nordic winner less likely. Bad news for Denmark and Norway? Or is one of them the runaway winner of the year?

Four of the ex-yugoslav countries that all failed in the semis vote among the ten last. What does that mean? Will some country emerge and grab the lead at a late stage? Italy, perhaps? Or Greece?

Or are their votes already unable to change the outcome at that point? Or do they agree with everyone else?

In a matter of hours we will know. This is the order the countries will vote in tonight:

1. San Marino, 2. Sweden, 3. Albania, 4. Netherlands, 5.Austria, 6. United Kingdom, 7. Israel, 8. Serbia, 9. Ukraine, 10. Hungary, 11. Romania, 12. Moldova, 13. Azerbaijan, 14. Norway, 15. Armenia, 16. Italy, 17. Finland, 18. Spain, 19. Belarus, 20. Latvia, 21. Bulgaria, 22. Belgium, 23. Russia, 24. Malta, 25. Estonia, 26. Germany, 27. Iceland, 28. France, 29. Greece, 30. Ireland, 31. Denmark, 32. Montenegro, 33. Slovenia, 34. Georgia, 35. FYR Macedonia, 36. Cyprus, 37. Croatia, 38. Switzerland, 39. Lithuania.

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  1. Interesting hypothesis. I suspect that the juries do not agree with tele-voters in the over-all sense. I can't help but wonder why they don't redo the algorithmic formula after tele-votes are calculated...