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Friday, May 17, 2013

ESC 2013: the running order

While I was sleeping tightly and sweetly, the good people at SVT were working hard and revealed the running order for the grand final. There had been quite a lot of discussion going on between fans what would be the perfect openening song, closing song and where they would want their own song to be placed.

At a first glance, I think SVT did a great job. France is an intriguing opener, slightly atypical for the contest but with lots of energy and attitude, while Ireland is a close to perfect ending to the song presentation.

The political dimension - a suspicion that some "unwanted" winning countries would get bad starting positions on purpose to make it harder for them to impress an audience - seems go be totally absent.

I would perhaps have hoped for them to put a pre-contest favourite in the dreaded number two slot in an attempt to show that every position can be equally good. There is no magic in the numbers, you know. There is only circumstance.

I would also have hoped for a more spectacular starting position for Finland, but being the first uptempo pop hit in the running is not a bad thing either.

More thoughts as they pop into my mind. This is the complete running order:

01 France
02 Lithuania
03 Moldova
04 Finland
05 Spain
06 Belgium
07 Estonia
08 Belarus
09 Malta
10 Russia
11 Germany
12 Armenia
13 Netherlands
14 Romania
15 United Kingdom
16 Sweden
17 Hungary
18 Denmark
19 Iceland
20 Azerbaijan
21 Greece
22 Ukraina
23 Italy
24 Norway
25 Georgia
26 Ireland

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