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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tobson Ranking: #41 Belgium

It is catchy. It has a bit of a handle, and a bit of a chorus. I have to give it that. Otherwise, this is a bit no.

Witloof Bay - With Love Baby (Belgium 2011)

I applaud anyone ready to bring a new style into Eurovision and experiment a little bit. The ESC needs that, to break out of the formulas.

But it also has to be good.

The Belgian entry is not good, it is smug. Horribly smug. They want to be charming and fun, but end up neither nor.

They never said it anywhere so I would have seen it, but they leave me the impression that they consider themselves "real" musicians since they can sing without backing tracks.

Real musicians know a weak song when they hear one. They don't try to improve it by throwing in some beatboxing under the pretence that is something new, edgy and unheard of.

My grade: 1 / 5


  1. Terrible, like watching a collection of alley cats howling

  2. If I'd make a list of songs that "Only I like", this would be number one contender. I haven't heard absolutely no one else say anything positive about this song, that I think was one of the best this year. Aftonbladet's writer said that this is the worst Eurovision song ever, so it seems that he didn't like it either :).


  3. No it's not the worst ever. I think that the artists doing what they do is brilliant and it's a credible song in parts, but i dont like it.

  4. Thanks, Chris. I am not the only one who thinks that there is at least something good in this...