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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Melodifestivalen 2017, semi 1

It's been a while. Honestly, I've been really caught up in blogging in Swedish over at Tobson och alla bidragen - why don't you go there to have a little look as well? - and I've been so slow wrapping my head around the fact there is a new season starting I even missed covering the Finnish final.

I realised I'd be unhappy with myself if I didn't write anything about Melodifestivalen, so here goes. Here are my thoughts about tonight's entries and my attempt at a prediction.

When I listened through the minute-long snippets earlier in the week, I felt like a really spoilt and ungrateful child: everyone had written so much about the exceptional quality and while I clearly heard high production values and some promising ideas, I didn't really warm to anything.

It's not you, Melodifestivalen, it's me. As soon as I listened some more and heard the almost full versions, things fell into place.


Charlotte Perrelli
I love Charlotte, so if she wants to make a toned-down little acoustic number about how lonely it can be being an icon that's fine by me. Nobody will vote for this, but she's still lovely to me.

De Vet Du
There must be a drop of justice left in this world. I know the state of things but you must be able to rely on something. Humour without humour in a song without a song. Not even kids can fall for this, can they? Be gone.


Dinah Nah
Personally I'm not terribly fond of this genre but it will probably make enough people nostalgic enough to keep it in the game beyond the first voting stage.

Andra Chansen:

Boris René
I loved Boris and his warm presence already last year and I still do. This song is pure sunshine but doesn't feel sharp enough to really capture the audience. A good opener and that's it.

The big exclamation mark of the week in my book. Cool and laid back and - if this debutant is not afraid of the cameras biting her - possibly a big surprise in the making. Possibly a contender for straight to final, despite its hopeless spot in the running order.


Ace Wilder 
Ace was my girl in 2014 and 2016 and I'd love to run with her for a third time. Clearly the song most tailor made for me in this heat. But Ace runs the risk of feeling like old news to the viewers and they could go for something else instead, despite the really catchy chorus.

Everybody loves a back story. Everybody loves a personality. Game over for everyone else - Nano is tonight's winner. Also a most contemporary song that could far in the international charts.

I will live tweet during tonight's show, please follow and discuss with me.

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