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Thursday, March 28, 2013

ESC 2013: and we have a running order

Here we go, all 39 participating countries have selected their songs and we have ourselves the correct running order for the upcoming final in Malmö.

It was a controversial move to allow the host broadcaster to sequence the songs instead of just draw lots to determine the order, but to my eye at least it looks like SVT did a good job so far. As for the national finals season this year,

I've been the Sleeping Beauty of Euroland, deep in slumber instead of blogging the songs to bits. Now I decided to shake some life into this blog again and review the songs for Malmö. One song per day, in the order of presentation, starting tomorrow.


  1. You have been missed. Welcome back.

    1. Thank you, tack, kiitos! To put it like Nina Åström would.