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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tobson's Ranking: #4 Germany

For a long time I thought Germany would fail in Baku and that young Roman would not deliver when it came down to action. I was mainly wrong and I am happy about that.

Roman Lob - Standing Still (Germany 2012)

After having won and hosted and gone through the media phenomenon that was Lena, it could have done incredible damage to Germany in Eurovision had this year's entry flopped.

I considered this a piece of lavishly constructed radio pop, but thought Roman Lob to be too much of a pretty talent show winner who would not manage to fill the words up with enough meaning and emotion.

Instead, he managed to paint the picture of the cubbish young man who grows into taking the first mature decision of his life and the result is pretty breathtaking. Roman has many assets, many good things in him, and could blossom into a really impressive artist.

He's not quite there yet. I would have hoped for a little more depth, a little more gravity, a little more nerve in the final performance. But these are mere details.

More important is that Germany is taking the actual songwriting more seriously than most (commissioning the stuff they want from the publishing houses rather than asking nicely to have it) and delievered their third chart hit in succession into this contest. I hope they intend to keep them coming.

My grade: 4/5

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