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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The art of sounding expensive

Maybe Italy is going to win Eurovision this year after all. I've been sure that Sweden would walk it by quite a margin but this week I started doubting. There really is something about that trio.

And their greatest asset wouldn't even be the opera part. I admit that it is effective and adds a certain gravity, but it's not the strongest part of the presentation.

What really does it for me is instead the irresistibly elegant verses, where the young gents perform in their deepest and lowest register. It gives a very sensual and masculine touch and makes the whole thing vibrate with emotion.

The best image I can think of comparing it to is deep, dark chocolate of the most expensive kind melting all over the note sheets. It feels luxurious, it feels exquisite and it feels exclusive. People tend to like things like that.

Sweden also feels lavish and expensive, although in another way, less prone to chocolate comparisons. My guess is that these two will fight it out between them in the end.

Unless Europe suddenly changes its mind and decides it wants something Nice and Quick and Easy instead. Something instantly accessible and totally common. A Mars bar or a Snickers. Then the winner is anyone's guess (Electro Velvet, anyone?) and I will sit there surprised, overwhelmed and longing for my exclusive pralines.

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