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Sunday, May 10, 2015

All my 2015 reviews in one place

The deed is done - I reviewed all of this year's forty Eurovision hopefuls on the basis of their preview versions. One song per day for forty days - in some cases I already had time to change my mind a little bit.

My most read review so far is Sweden and if you think that is any indication as to how the final result will be, let me tell you the second most read post is the one about Finland. But it was a nice theory.

If you missed something, here they all are gathered in the same place. I'd love to see your comments while I turn my attention towards the preparations and rehearsals starting in Vienna.

Semi 1
MoldovaArmeniaBelgiumNetherlandsFinlandGreeceEstoniaFYR MacedoniaSerbiaHungaryBelarusRussiaDenmarkAlbaniaRomaniaGeorgia

Semi 2
LithuaniaIrelandSan MarinoMontenegroMaltaNorwayPortugalCzech republicIsraelLatviaAzerbaijanIcelandSwedenSwitzerlandSloveniaPoland

AustraliaAustriaFranceGermanyItalySpainUnited Kingdom


  1. You were saying earlier that you believe that Finland is going to the final.
    But do YOU want to see it in the final?
    I know it could be quite obvious to hope for your own country to succeed, but in some cases I think it's justified to hope for failure too, if the song just isn't to your liking.
    I for one don't need to see Finland in the final this year. I don't like the song, plus I'd like to see some smug faces, of those who think we will win for sure, melt.

    1. Good question. I'm not a huge fan of PKN or their song, but I do think it contributes far more diversity than the huge sea of standard ballads we have on offer this year. So I'd rather see Finland than some of the more half-hearted entries make it.

      But only because of the diversity, not at all because Finland is "my" country. I'm not a trace patriotic in that sense.