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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Finalist: Spain

If my memory doesn't deceive me, I wasn't too impressed in 2013 when Georgia called last year's winner Thomas G:son and asked him to write them a hit.

I liked the song but thought it was the cheapest of tricks in the book to play a safe card like that instead of trying to produce something of your own. And playing it safe seldom brought anyone victory in the end.

Spain will see that the same applies to them when they enter a song written by G:son. It is already his third Spanish entry, so maybe he has developed special ties to the recording industry over there.

But this time I can't shake the feeling that also Spain ordered a hit the way Georgia did and this particular piece - although atmospheric and catchy - feels far too much like a calculated re-hash of things previously heard to be taken seriously.

Also it doesn't develop much. It stands still in its place without ever reaching any climax, making three minutes feel slightly longer than they really are.

A potential winner?
No. And that's probably what RTVE wants as well: a song the fans will like and that doesn't run the risk of forcing them to take on this event next year.

My grade: 3/5

Edurne - Amanecer (Spain 2015)

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