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Monday, May 4, 2015

Finalist: Australia

In all fairness it was a bit of a surprise learning that Australia would participate with an entry in Vienna. But it was almost equally surprising to hear the song selected by SBS.

The first reports suggested we would have one more ballad coming from down under. Maybe they listened through the other songs on offer and had a change of heart. Thank heavens for that.

Instead Australia is sending us a proper dose of uptempo, an infectious beat and some very happy moods. Guy Sebastian is a star and performs like one. The song is impeccably produced and sounds just like a hit.

It sounds good enough to fool almost anyone. At closer examination, it proves to be more of a good mood and a nifty production than an outstanding song. Good but not outstanding.

According to what the EBU has said, Australia's only chance of taking part again next year is to win in Vienna. The big question is what is more important in the end - the song or the uptempo?

A potential winner?
Absolutely. In a year with such an abundance of ballads and mid tempo any song with as much temper as this must stand a good chance. Add the novelty of Australia being Australia and you will have loads of focus on this one. If you also add a potentially brilliant spot in the running order, this could prove to be unbeatable. Even when the song isn't stronger than it is.

My grade: 3/5

Guy Sebastian - Tonight Again (Australia 2015)

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