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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Victory for Sweden! (It's nice to be right)

I felt it in my bones ever since I heard the first snippet of "Heroes" in early spring - and now it happened. Måns Zelmerlöw wins the Eurovision Song Contest and Sweden grabs its 6th victory.

The voting was the most exciting for many years - even better than the one last year in Copenhagen. Tight and with many twists and turns until Sweden finally headed out ahead of the others.

My prediction from earlier today worked out quite well too. I had predicted Sweden, Italy and Belgium as the top three. Russia ended in second place and pushed the others down on step, but that's all.

Russian Polina Gagarina was really taken by the whole situation which resulted in a very emotional but not totally perfect performance. She deserved her second place, but I guess the EBU heaved a sigh of relief.

The big break of the night is the fourth place of lovely Loïc Nottet from Belgium. What a fantastic talent, what a star. If he lands on the right people who give him the right tools and enough space to grow, he will turn into something sensational.

I am also very happy for the success of Latvia, Estonia and Norway. Most deserved. I had hoped for more love for Slovenia, but you can't have it all.

Austria became the first host country in Eurovision history not to score a single point. I had predicted a possible triple nul-pointer - instead we had a double. Neither Austria nor Germany deserved it but didn't manage to sneak into any country's top ten. Some other countries got more anticipated support from neighbours and friends, while Germany and Austria seem to have none.

The sea of ballads in the last half really took its toll on quite a few contestants. Out of the last thirteen songs, only Italy, Latvia and Russia managed to distinguish themselves, while everyone else failed.

More analysis tomorrow, these were just a few thoughts at once. I'll go to bed very happy and content and think to myself that it's nice to be right.

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  1. I got 8/10 right in my top 10 prediction. The order wasn't correct, frankly, but I'm still pretty satisfied. I just thought that Azerbaijan and Slovenia would be up there, and didn't expect Israel or Serbia to do so well.

    Sweden was the only rightful winner. Nuff said. It was a win to even have that sort of performance in Eurovision. Thank you.

    I feel very bad for Ann Sophie. First the drama in the pre-selection, then totally failing in the real thing. They'll tear her to bits. More than once probably. Certainly not the worst song or performance.
    Austria a shame too, but that I understand. Just forgettable. Surprising that no love for the host country though.