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Saturday, May 23, 2015

ESC 2015: maybe our winner is Australia

Australia takes to the stage for the first time as an active participant in the ESC after having followed the contest closely since the early 1980's.

Australia is a unique participant as it doesn't fulfil any of the basic criteria for eligible countries: it is not an active member of the EBU and it is way outside the European Broadcasting Area.

The EBU have explained that they participate as a guest - that's why they go directly to the final - and that they will take part only once and never again. Unless they win, then they'd get to send another entry 2016 and co-organise the contest somewhere in Europe.

Few people were surprised when, the other day, the EBU bosses started hinting at Australia possibly becoming a steady participant after all. That's at least what I've been suspecting all along. So why all this nonsense about being a guest and all the pampering and special treatment?

Even though their status as a hot favourite may have gone done a bit during rehearsals, the extra attention and the easy-going nature of the song could still carry a long way in tonight's voting.

The most interesting thing if Australia wins is the process how to select the actual host country. According to Christer Björkman Germany has already been chosen, something the EBU were quick to deny. But why not? Germany would be the obvious choice in my book.

I would prefer for them not to win. For the EBU to have to stand up and say that they made a decision to give Australia special status. And maybe to draw a line somewhere. Or we could end up with a final consisting of 35 songs, eight of which come from "special guests".

Dream result:
a 4th place wouldn't look bad at all for a debuting country.

Guy Sebastian - Tonight Again (Australia 2015 rehearsal clip)

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