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Friday, May 22, 2015

Semi 2: A slight improvement

We did better in the second semi, both me and ORF. I think the show looked better already and we finally had a decent qualifier sequence. Very nice and the least we can expect, really.

As for me, I got eight out of ten and I can just blame wishful thinking for not getting all ten.

I had both Lithuania and Poland on my qualifiers list up until the last moment when I decided they were too lightweight and too un-dynamic respectively to impress the viewers.

I predicted Iceland in the final but don't miss them. I'm happy that their playing-it-safe formula finally didn't work and expect something with claws and attitude from them next year.

I also predicted Ireland in the final and am genuinely sorry that their playing-with-the-numbers formula didn't enthuse the audiences.

The biggest growers for me on the live show were Norway and - above all - the sheer wonder that is Aminata. I am so happy that the new ambitious approach was rewarded and that Latvia is back in the final for the first time since 2008. Very well deserved.

We have all the qualifiers and what will the results mean for next year? Hopefully the likes of Denmark, Iceland, Portugal and Ireland will take a long hard look in the mirror and try to do something about their national selections. Let Latvia lead the way, they showed us all how it can pay off to do that little bit extra.

I am going to bed while the producers will sit all night and try to make a good running order for the final. I am not jealous. There are almost no ballads in the second half at all. Most of the big favourites are drawn in the first half. Poor producers, they must by crying.

My guess? United Kingdom will have the misfortune of opening the final, Georgia will sing last. When I wake up I guess we will already know.


  1. The second half is almost all ballads! And I think Serbia will be odds on to open the show...

    1. Serbia would also be a good opener. I really wonder what this show will be like. Will all ballads in the second half bomb?

  2. I did get all my predicions right, which I commented in your last post. But I think it could've gone to many directions with the last places. I thought Iceland and perhaps even Malta were up there, but didn't ultimately think they would stand out enough to qualify.

    It felt weird watching the finalist announcement and not getting surprised even once. Kind of dull actually. Was very nervous about Latvia and Israel though.

    But I do hope that you would've been right about Ireland. Such a shame.
    I guess Molly wasn't that luminous a performer now was she?

    There wasn't even a proper opening act this time! They better not talk at all in the whole Grand Final if they want to keep my attention. It hasn't felt like an anniversary yet has it?