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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Russia 2012: Party for everybody!

Russia has been moving in mysterious ways for a number of years, going from being a progressive nation of pop into less mainstream songs before having another stab at pop music last year.

This year, they are sending in something different again. Something very different.

While most people thought the dream team couple (depending, of course, who you ask) Dima Bilan and Julia Volkova would walk it, but they found themselves defeated by a gang of old ladies.

A gang of old ladies in traditional dresses, singing a less traditional song. To say the least.

Buranovskie Babushki - Party For Everybody (Russia 2012)

Well, what can I say? I love them to bits. I just hope there is no cynical record company behind all of this that will push the grannies too far, and that they will get to thoroughly enjoy their stay in Baku.

The chorus is really simple, but this is the one you'll have ringing in your head the day after the final.

Be warned.


  1. Lennart MarklundMarch 8, 2012 at 9:14 AM

    Clear voices? No! Cute grannies (babusjki)? Oh yes:)

  2. Who needs clear voices anyway? :)

  3. You know I have never been more excited about a Russian entry. Usually it all seems so contrived and creepy, but this is just a bunch of old ladies singing a simple yet cute song because they love to sing.

    I do agree that there is no record company pushing them too hard, but I guess it's hard to make older people do stuff they don't want to, or it'll cause too much stress. Good on them anyway!

  4. I think it's a very smart choice. Not the taste, just the emotions of the public are the target of this simple song. It's no obvious trash, because the ladies seem to be authentic and they don't present the song in an ironic way (perhaps with a shy little smile).If they succeed in performing it well and with joy they are standing out and will go to the final. I suppose they even have the chance to get a decent position in the middle.
    Another effect: Hump can't declare any longer to be the oldest contestant. Poor BBC. LOL

  5. Their voices are clearer than those of the Jedward boys, who spent their novelty value last year. I just hope, just like Tobias, that their energy and smiles are genuine and not calculated by some clever businessman.

  6. Oh, everything is genuine, trust me on this! It's just that for Eastern Europeans this number says nothing. It's an annoying folk song and everyone is used with it and with attitude and tune, and all since childhood. Sorry, not going to vote for Russia this year. It seems to me that they are not really interested in the contest since they have won it with Bilan and now they are just having fun, experimenting. Hogla