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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Estonia 2012: national final coming up

I really should be blogging a whole lot more about what goes on at the moment, since I am behind in giving you my opinions on Sweden and a lot of other development.

This is not the time to do so, however, as I find myself in Tallinn, preparing for tonight's national final.

It is exciting for me, as I have not been to an Estonian final since 2008 - the year of doom where Kreisiraadio won and went on to bring down ridicule on Estonia in Belgrade.

To be honest, I have not listened closely enough to the songs to make a proper prediction, but the average standard is pretty high compared to most national final. I'm not sure it contains any real smash hit or potential Eurovision winner, but it is bound to produce a number of local hit singles.

My own personal favourite Loss Paranoias will probably not go anywhere close to a top placing tonight, but their quirky and catchy "Valedetektor" is the song that will spin for a long time in my player.

My Estonian friends seem pretty convinced it will be a battle between Lenna and Ott, and it could very well be the case. After one or two listenings, I'm not entirely sure either of them would go down particularly well in Baku, but the Estonians are not selecting a song to please me.

If they're happy, that's great. And if the winner is not Kreisiraadio, I promise to be happy too.

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