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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Israel 2012: Izabo made a clip

Ever since the first demo leaked out (which it wasn't supposed to do, but this is what keeps happening), I have been intrigued and fascinated by this year's Israeli entry.

Co-ordinated quirk used to be a strong discipline for Israeli representatives, and Izabo are worthy followers to acts like Poogy (Kaveret), Ping Pong and Chocolate Menta Mastik.

The whole setup is adorable, the song is very catchy and the group oozes with inspiration. Especially the female keyboard player who would be this year's MayaSar if the original had not been in the running herself.

If they can keep this mood for their live performance, I have a gut feeling Israel is bound to better than in many years.

Izabo - Time (Israel 2012 preview)


  1. I already loved this song. The great video will mean that even more people will love it. Hurrah!

  2. This song is simply amazing! The best of both worlds... pop-rock from west and oriental vibe! A smart song by a smart group!