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Sunday, March 25, 2012

What if - Italy 1995

RAI was never particularly fond of the Eurovision Song Contest and the strain of having to organise the whole thing in 1991 (the term "organise" being used in a loosest possibly way, according to the people present in Rome) probably contributed to them dropping out after the 1993 contest in Millstreet.

Italy would make one more appearance in Dublin 1997 and then not come back until Düsseldorf fourteen years later.

Had they taken part in 1995, there is absolutely no evidence that they would have selected neither singer nor song out of the Sanremo festival, but still... Wouldn't this one have made a smashing Italian entry had it been shortened in some clever way?

An absolutely breathtaking song, if you ask me. Could we have been heading for Rome in 1996 had this taken part? And, bearing the 1991 contest in mind, how much fun would that have been?

Gloria Bonaveri - Le voci di dentro (Sanremo 1995)

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