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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

San Marino 2012: Ralph to the rescue

Today San Marino revealed that local girl Valentina Monetta will fly their flag in Baku on their third attempt at reaching a Eurovision final. She has released a number of records, provided backing vocals for other singers and has lately turned to modern jazz as a way to express herself.

The girl seems sweet enough and can hopefully keep her act together on a big stage.

The big collective sigh of disappointment was, however, released at the mention of the selected songwriter. The Sammarinese entry will be written by none other than Ralph Siegel, who has provided more eurosongs than anyone else.

Ralph Siegel has signed many really good songs, and he should be recognised for that. Unfortunately, he has been unable to draw the line and realise when it is time to retire.

His last entry to date, for Montenegro in 2009, wasn't even an original song but a tired re-write of a lucklustre song he had submitted to the Maltese pre-selection that very same year (and where it was rejected - and very rightly so).

I hope, for the sake of the Sammarinese television and the money they will spend on their eurovision adventure, that dear Ralphie has made more of an effort this time.

The entry of San Marino will be officially presented on Friday. Maybe Ralph Siegel will surprise us all with an excellent song. But until, I am taking the liberty of frowning a bit upon this choice.

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