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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Slovakia 2012: Hard Rock Hallelujah

After some hesitation back and forward as whether to participate at all and, if so, who should represent the nation, Slovakia presented their entrant during the week.

Max Jason Mai is an inspired choice and his song is the heaviest metal we have heard at Eurovision since Czech Kabàt made their (unsuccessful) attempt in Helsinki.

Maybe this kind of rock is not what I generally listen to, but I liked Kabàt and I like this. It is refreshing to have some sharp edges and attitude instead of the often so eurofied and competition-adapted rock we get used to at the ESC.

Given how most of the other selected songs sound, Slovakia is likely to stand out by a mile and, if the rock audience is alert, Max Jason Mai could assure his country its first appearance in a final since 1998.

Max Jason Mai - Don't Close Your Eyes (Slovakia 2012)

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