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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Songs only I like: Austria 1981

This kicks off another series on this blog, where I celebrate my odd favourites. In short: I put the spotlight on songs only I like.

The first one is a lovely ballad, but most people fail to notice as they get distracted by the rather odd stage performance.

Marty Brem - Wenn du da bist (Austria 1981)

Marty had already represented Austria the year before as part of Blue Danube and opened the 1981 ESC in Dublin in style by drinking the national drink of the host country in his postcard and smiling sweetly into the camera.

On stage, he is helped (if that is the word I am looking for) by four ladies of which one sings and the others... well, they interact.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at the meeting where the radical decisions concerning this performance were taken. Who decided the dresses? Who decided the choreography? And why didn't they listen to the song before doing so?

After three minutes, the audience is left confused and the juries only gave it a total of twenty polite points.

Too bad that nobody ever got to notice what a sweet song this really is, heartfelt and sincere, with a very fine vocal delivery by Marty, whose career never really recovered after this.

I like it anyway, and I could be the only one. If you're with me on this one, please leave a comment to let me, Marty and all the Austrians know you are around.


  1. Oh yes, I like it! Definately better than the other entry sung in German :D

  2. great entry! i love the song AND the choreography + styling!
    btw, you guys might like this little thing i've created with a friend of mine:


    (couldn't help noticing names like marty brem, helena miller, neoton familia, etc etc on your blog...)

  3. Me too. Great entry, which I grew to love by listening to my audio tape recording of the contest. The strange performance didn't really bother me, because after the 1981 contest it took over ten years before I had the chance to see the video recording of the show again.

    I am looking forward to see what other "odd" entries you like and to see if I agree with you. You could also start a blog of songs that only you dislike. I could name a few (a certain norwegian winner from the last few years to give an example) that everybody seems to love except for me.

    Mikko S.

  4. i would start with the following:

    ireland 1982
    turkey 1981
    belgium 1983
    greece 1976
    luxembourg 1977

    they are all great entries, but terribly misunderstood.

  5. David:

    I run with you on all of the songs you mentioned, I'm very fond of them all and indeed they are misunderstood. They could very well show up in this series.

  6. glad to hear that TobSon.
    im very new to your blog but i really appreciate your somewhat quirky taste! (which happens to resemble my own!)

    btw, portugal 87 is an excellent choice!
    can we expect monaco 1973 next perhaps?


  7. David:

    It's just that I refuse to believe I'm the only one who loves Monaco 73 to bits...

  8. yeah, thats probably true.
    it just seems so wonderfully misunderstood - at least when watching the live performance from luxembourg.

    but you're right.
    lets stick to belgium 1985 instead!

  9. What an amazing song! my favorite that year and perhaps my favorite Austrian all-time entry...the national final version (a bit extended) even better. Indeed a pity for wonderful Marty Brem, the choreography sucked big time. The Austrians believed he could win with this, a new Johnny Logan, but even he sang alone and perhaps 'whats another year' had more appeal and hit potential...nobody knows what the result would have been had Marty not sung with the troubled dancers. Still a little diamond of the 80s this song
    And by the way, I just LOVE your blog mate, cheers! will keep commenting

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! :)

      I realise that Austria 1981 stands out as one of my favourite songs of all the early 80's. This one and Greece 1983 stand out as indestructible ballads that have not been played to death by the fans.