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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Songs only I like: Belgium 1972

How about a little waltz in French? About how you should fall madly in love before you know what love is at all? No? You don't feel like dancing at all?

Apparently, the jury in Edinburgh 1972 had forgotten their dancing shoes at home, since this little ditty (the word "ditty" is seldom more suitable for a song than it is in this case) had no impact at all on them and ended second last out of eighteen entries.

Serge & Christine Ghisoland - À la folie ou pas du tout (Belgium 1972)

The Ghisoland couple, both born in 1946, were fairly recently married when they entered the stage and I find them a very charming couple. They look like they really enjoy themselves and each other's company. When he starts picking petals of her hand, she gives him the kind of amused look only lovers can give their partner when he/she does something really ridiculous.

There is a certain discrete charm and catchiness about this entire package and it puts me in a very good mood. I hope the Ghisolands stayed happy ever after and kept giving each other amused looks even as their singing career failed to take off.

Again, I will believe I am the only one who likes this until your comments prove me wrong.


  1. Again a very interesting choice! This entry is weird for me, because it happens to be the most forgotten entry of the entire 1970-1999 era! For some strange reason i get the feeling I never heard it before, nor do I remember the (indeed very sweet) faces of the Ghisolands! How is this possible?! I keep almost pathologic track on all other entries of this era. (And I usually like the Belgian ones in particular.)

    Still, now that you mention it, I do like it quite a bit! I wouldn't be surprised if it's even in my top 5 of that year - I just need to think about it for a while.

    Generally, Tobson, how would you rank the entries in this cathegory, compared to their fellow contestants? Would you say they are indeed your favourites, or just one out of a bunch that you like? I'm just curious.

  2. Well, they are not necessarily among my top favourites of that particular year.

    The thing they have in common is that I like them (maybe I don't LOVE them, but I find them pleasant) and when I say so most people's jaws will drop and people will look at me like I'm mad.

    Usually, these songs aren't really bad, they just fail to be anyone's favourite, I suppose.

  3. I think I know what you mean. I got a lot of these dropped jaws in my days as well. I think the problem is that only eurovision nerds get to hear these little treasures. When shown to a different audience, a song like "Rendez-vous" (Belgium 1983) can be greeted with complete admiration and might even convert a lot of anti-eurovision people. (This is what usually happens at after-parties in my flat...)

    Oh, by the way, I think the reason I forgot about Belgium 1972 is Monaco 1972! I mix them up a little bit, and since Monaco is so bad I mentally blocked both of them... Does this make sense?

    Anyway, do keep posting entries in this cathegory! Perhaps I should rather comment if at some point i do NOT agree with you. Or else you'll get tired of my comments...

  4. I never grow tired of comments! Keep them coming.

    And I agree - Monaco 1972 is not a hit. Maybe not bad as such, but painfully bland...