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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Songs only I like: Slovenia 1996

Some fiascos you never quite see coming, do you? You see the preview, you listen to the song, you like it, you think it will do quite well.

And then it crashes and burns right in front of you. Like Regina from Slovenia did in Oslo in 1996.

It all looked very promising in the cute preview, where it all sounded very well and looked great and was a very appealing package.

Regina - Dan najlepših sanj (Slovenia 1996 preview)

Come Oslo, it looked and sounded like this:

Regina - Dan najlepšish sanj (Slovenia 1996)

I was too deeply into it back then to notice at first, but there is quite a difference between these two clips. Everybody seems a bit tired on stage. Regina looks like she has a bit of a headache coming on. She struggles a bit with some of the higher notes.

Eurovision can be exhausting enough with being eight months pregnant, that's for sure, and to add further to the exhaustion rumours have it that the Slovenian delegation had rather a turbulent week in Oslo, which must have added further to the general state of fatigue.

Maybe they were just pretty happy to go home, regardless of the outcome?

As a piece of trivia - Slovenia was extremely well prepared this year and offered the press the first ever ESC CD-ROM presentation. In a very orange packaging came a booklet along with an interactive disc containing biographies, video clips and a few extra songs by Regina.

Too bad that not at least a bit of all that ambition made its way into the stage presentation. But you can't think of everything, can you?

A fine song it is, anyhow, unfairly forgotten both on the night as well as by a large section of the eurofans. I salute Regina, who is an excellent vocalist, and proudly shout out my love for this.

If you do too - please say so in a comment.


  1. This was one of my biggest favourites from 1996. In general I love songs with an oboe solo (oboe in the live arrangement has made Mil etter mil by biggest favourites from 1978 and it also made the Hungarian entry in 1997 stand out from the rest) and the song is well crafted and uplifting.

    But as always, some songs just don't make it, even if all the ingredients are there. But that does not mean one cannot listen and enjoy the song. That's the magic of Eurovision!

  2. This is actually one of the favourite songs from that year that are in my iPod... I ranked it a 4.5 stars; but as usual, what I like never does well.. ;D