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Sunday, April 10, 2011

So much for Nordic domination

Take a look at this picture. It doesn't tell the truth.

Well, of course it tells the truth in one way. The 1995 voting started out well for the Nordic countries, and on this leader board three out of four Nordic countries taking part were in the top three positions.

The Nordic countries have done well through the years, especially since the 80's, but have never dominated like this. No year has the top three been all Nordic. Never has a top five consisted of more than three Nordic countries.

Only twice has both the winner and the runner-up been a Nordic country.

Let's entertain ourselves and see what years had Nordic countries in top five, and what countries made it there:

1957: one (Denmark 3rd)
1958: one (Sweden 4th)
1959: one (Denmark 5th)
1960: one (Norway 4th)
1961: one (Denmark 5th)
1963: one (Denmark 1st)
1966: two (Sweden 2nd, Norway 3rd)
1968: one (Sweden 5th)
1973: one (Sweden 5th)
1974: one (Sweden 1st)
1983: one (Sweden 3rd)
1984: two (Sweden 1st, Denmark 4th)
1985: two (Norway 1st, Sweden 3rd)
1986: one (Sweden 5th)
1987: one (Denmark 5th)
1988: two (Denmark 3rd, Norway 5th)
1989: two (Denmark 3rd, Sweden 4th)
1990: one (Iceland 4th)
1991: one (Sweden 1st)
1993: one (Norway 5th)
1995: three (Norway 1st, Sweden 3rd, Denmark 5th)
1996: two (Norway 2nd, Sweden 3rd)
1999: two (Sweden 1st, Iceland 2nd)
2000: one (Denmark 1st)
2001: two (Denmark 2nd, Sweden 5th)
2003: two (Norway 4th, Sweden 5th)
2006: two (Finland 1st, Sweden 5th)
2008: one (Norway 5th)
2009: two (Norway 1st, Iceland 2nd)
2010: one (Denmark 4th)

Quite impressive figures, but still quite some way from domination. When will we see the first all-Nordic top three? And will we ever see an all-Nordic top five?

How far will the Nordic entries go in Düsseldorf?


  1. And Slovenia is a nordic country, too :-)))

  2. Of course! A Nordic country yet to make top five, may I add! (Unless you count that fourth place under Yugoslav flag back in 1962, but Yugoslavia was never really a Nordic country, was it?)