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Monday, April 11, 2011

Songs only I like: Austria 1988

I could run a parallel series called "Austrian songs only I like". Just like Portugal, Austria has had certain difficulties in touching the hearts of the Eurovision mainstream. Quite a few years have seen viewers, jury and fans alike make thumbs down and reach for their remote controls.

Which I find a bit unfair, honestly. Austria have sent in so many original entries and I have learned to love quite a few of them.

Like this one. But it took a few years, to be honest.

Wilfried - Lisa Mona Lisa (Austria 1988)

Back in the day, when I was 12, I didn't care much for this one, to put it mildly. Apparently, the bookies in Ireland saw and heard something I didn't, and according to press sources the nul points came as a bit of a shock for the Austrian delegation.

Their song was doing well in the charts back home and in his general disappointment, Wilfried let a political comment slip and all hell broke loose. He said at a press conference that nobody wanted to vote for Austria due to the Waldheim scandal (google it, kids!) and that his song was a victim of this.

Not a particularly popular thing to say. The papers had a field day ripping Wilfried to shreds, labelling him a sore loser, and it took many years to wash off that label.

What about the song, then? I find it pretty touching, if slightly repetitive, but heartfelt and honest. Wilfried sings his heart out (with maybe not every single note in tune) and this could certainly have deserved a few little points from somewhere.

Those points could possibly have saved Wilfried's reputation.

If you like this song too, or at least doesn't think it should have been a nul-pointer, please leave a comment as usual.

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