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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bucks Fizz were better outside the ESC

There are some ESC acts that I love - but not so much because of their eurovision output. Is there anyone out there who seriously thinks "Waterloo" is the best track Abba ever came up with?

Eurovision is often a good start and a good springboard, and the ones who manage to go on to lasting fame then develops into something bigger and better than they were at the time of going into their eurobattle.

Another one of those bands is clearly Bucks Fizz, who could celebrate the 30th anniversary of their victory a couple of days ago. To make myself perfectly clear - there is nothing wrong with Making Your Mind Up. It's a good winner, bubbly and happy and clappy stuff. But it is absolutely not the best track of the Fizzes.

Bucks Fizz - Making Your Mind Up (UK 1981)

After winning, Bucks Fizz achieved what nobody would have expected them to do - the group assembled to win the British final and nothing else merged into a real band that started putting out hit singles. With several songs in the UK top ten, they were one of the most consistent chart acts of Britain in the 80's.

Bucks Fizz - My Camera Never Lies

Bucks Fizz - Run For Your Life

Bucks Fizz - Easy Love (not a hit single, but a personal favourite)

Bucks Fizz - New Beginning

In fact, Bucks Fizz go down in history as one of my favourite Eurovision acts, and if you are not familiar with their career it is not too late to check them out.

(But don't mind the clips of them still going around touring. Stick to the 80's and all will be fine.)

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