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Friday, April 22, 2011

The 2011 review is about to start

On May 5th, I will depart for Düsseldorf early in the morning. It is my intention to review all of 2011's forty-three ESC hopefuls before I leave, as all your impressions are turned on the head the moment you start watching rehearsals.

So here we go, short and snappy (at least that's the intention) and very honest. I pass my personal mark as well as a prediction on how the song will fare in the contest when everybody else's taste matters more than mine.

But before I take off, I can just say about the line-up in general that it contains more than a fair share of pointless filler material. Even some really good singers who enter with hopelessly dull entries. They are mainly likely to be gone in time for the final.

There are more than enough of real pop songs, impressive performance and chart potential to give us a worthy final on May 14th.

There is a possibility that the victory goes to one of the big five for the second year running.

There is a possibility that we find ourselves with a country winning for the first time.

There is a possibility we could have the first victory on home ground since 1994.

The 2011 review is just about to start.

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