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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Songs only I like: Portugal 1987

To put one thing straight from the start - it is not like I'm not used to standing alone with my love for Portuguese entries. It seems they almost always go way over the heads of the typical eurofan, and just as often they hit the bull's eye with me.

There are so many Portuguese entries I really adore and would have wished a lot more points as well as fans.

As for this one, I could perfectly well be the only person alive thinking this is a wonderful little song as I can't remember a single person speaking up in its favour ever.

Nevada - Neste barco a vela (Portugal 1987)

At least three juries liked it as well, giving it a grand total of 15 points and an 18th place among 22 competitors.

I find this original, ethnic, melancholic and beautiful. There is something very attractive about the melody line and the whole thing being very much in minor. I also really like the deep voice of the male vocalist.

Of course this one was doomed from the word go, especially back in the 80's where you had to look and sound like the mainstream to have any chance of good scores, but maybe that is only one more factor that works in its favour in my book.

Again - if anyone out there thinks this is a good one, please leave a comment and let me know. I'm sure Nevada would appreciate it as well.


  1. Wogan loved it, that much I do recall!

  2. a very sad sweet song. my sister loves it. i do, too

  3. I ADORE this masterpiece. It's one of my all-time favorites. And I mean it.