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Monday, April 4, 2011

40 years ago - Séverine

Yesterday, it was exactly forty years since teeny tiny Monaco scored their one and only Eurovision victory with the real evergreen "Un banc, un arbre, une rue". One of the best winners ever, if you ask me.

Séverine - Un banc, un arbre, une rue (Monaco 1971)

But then again, old dramatic eurosongs in French are unbeatable in my book. My six favourite all-time winners are sung in French. Four of them represented Luxembourg.

I'm not the only one madly in love with this one, though. This is one of those classic, big, breeze Eurovision numbers that went down a storm all over the continent and was recorded it local versions all over the place.

Given that the 1971 ESC was the first one preceeded by official previews, it was also the first winner to have a preview clip. Not a very advanced one, but still.

Séverine - Un banc, un arbre, une rue (Monaco 1971 preview)

Despite the massive success, Séverine remained a one-hit-wonder in her native France. According to an interview she gave to OGAE France, this was largely due to her getting offered better songs in Germany, where she kept recording all through the 1980's.

She even took part twice in German finals without ever getting close to winning.

Séverine - Dreh dich im Kreisel der Zeit (Germany NF 1975)

Séverine - Ich glaub' an meine Träume (Germany NF 1982)

According to the same interview, Séverine was never too keen on returning to the contest but was happy to get to sing these two songs without challening her fairytale victory of 1971.

I'm particularly fond of her 1982 effort, but I have to agree - sometimes it is better for winners not to return to the big stage. You can never be sure if the audience will love you a second time around.

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