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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Songs only I like: Bosnia-Herzegovina 1997

In many ways, 1997 is one of my absolute favourite ESC years ever. It was the year when modern Eurovision really started, with more contemporary sounds, a more modern stage set and more innovative camera work.

It is also crammed with good songs, many of which have stood the test of time very well. And then there are a few others, as well.

Alma Čardžić - Goodbye (Bosnia-Herzegovina 1997)

Bosnia-Herzegovina had, due to the civil war, had a certain amount of sympathy and politeness surrounding them since their debut in 1993. Even when some of their songs were lacking in certain respects, the commentators stayed very friendly and emphasised that the important thing was that the Bosnians could be with us at all.

In 1997, the war was over and the sympathy gone with the wind.

The rules back then stated that Alma and her team needed something like 158 points in order to keep their country in the running for 1998. I think there was not a single commentator who did not snigger at how unlikely that was, adding how appropriate it was for Alma's song to be called "Goodbye".

Swedish commentator Jan Jingryd went as far as saying that if Bosnia collected the points needed, that would be a bigger sensation than a discovery of intelligent life on the moon.

Maybe people were tired of being polite, but I can't quite understand why everyone had to be so harsh. Dated, surely. But I never thought this song was so bad. It's pleasant and easy-going, very well delivered by Alma.

An excellent song to sing in the shower, for instance. And one that always puts me in a good mood. If you like it too (or sing it in the shower like I do), please say so in a comment.

Also note the original flag of Bosnia-Herzegovina, used for the last time at Eurovision this year.


  1. I thought Alma looked embarrased during the performance...

  2. I read somewhere that she had a fall-out with the song's composer during the week, and he criticised her heavily in public.

    Also, she was unaware of the 158 points she had to collect, stating clearly that she would have turned the offer down had she known.

    Maybe that's why she doesn't look all happy? But I love her way of singing it, and she is very professional altogether.