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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hats off to Ralph Siegel, part 2

Ralph Siegel producing entries of dubious quality is nothing really new, I have to say that in the defence of San Marino. Maybe they are waiting for this Schlager Hen to hatch another golden egg if they let him try enough times.

They should have a look at this little... whatever it should be called... let's say song, just to make things easier. This little song opened the 1986 German final and is in some weird way a tribute to the 1957 German entry "Telefon Telefon", written by Ralph's own father.

This little song - is it even a song? I'm not even sure - ended in last place and I can't help but wonder who selected it in the first place. And why?

Why is it part of this series, then? I guess it just goes out to prove that back in the day, Ralph Siegel seemed to have a sense of humour and not take himself as seriously as recent interviews suggest he does these days.

Not good but whimsical in a sort of entertaining way. Way to go.

That's Life - Telefon (Germany national final 1986)


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    1. Presenting the show, yes. She's not part of this group. And don't think she's not grateful.