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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Israel won me over (sort of)

If you read my preview review about Israel, you might have been perceptive enough to realise it's not one of my favourites of the year. It's still no fave but I am definitely warming to it.

Already then, I had decided not to be annoyed or a sore loser would it make it to the final. Israel has flunked in the semi four years in a row and would deserve some happiness.

The Golden Boy himself is very young but confident and in good voice. Let him have the success.

But in all fairness something about the song itself really annoyed me. The tempo changes. Some of that same clumsiness in the lyrics that probably contributed to Israel's downfall last year. The feeling that the whole thing didn't sound trustworthy coming from a performer this young.

Seemingly the Eurovision brainwash did what it is supposed to do and by now it doesn't annoy me anymore. I can sing along and clap along and enjoy these three minutes even if they are silly.

I don't think we will be going to Jerusalem next year or anything, but at least I can cross my fingers for Israel to make it to the final. And mean it.

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