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Saturday, May 23, 2015

ESC 2015: maybe our winner is Belgium

Suddenly there is quite a buzz surrounding Belgium and Loïc Nottet. Only a few days ago I was still slightly worried that he wouldn't survive his semi and here we are a couple of days later with a real hype sitting in our lap.

If Belgium would win it would be the most cutting-edge winner since Loreen and one of the most avantgarde winners ever. It probably means it is just a tad too difficult to break into and that it won't win. But anyway.

If you are looking for good omens, it is worth pointing out that also Sandra Kim sang as 13th when she won in 1986.

If Belgium wins, it will be very interesting to see if RTBF and VRT would manage to co-host it this time. Would they even make an effort to do it together? Last time they tried - for the 1987 ESC - they had a fall-out and the whole project stranded already before they could decide on a host city.

And if they don't win but get really close it will be interesting to see what RTBF does. When Urban Trad almost won in Riga twelve years ago, rumour has it the people in charge got scared stiff and for years sent in entries that were surely chanceless. I hope that won't happen again. I like Belgium when they are good.

Regardless - win or lose - Loïc Nottet could be a huge star and the best thing since bread came sliced. A winner no matter what happens tonight.

Dream result:
if a victory is out of reach I would at least be very happy and pleased if Belgium got into the top 3

Loïc Nottet - Rhythm Inside (Belgium 2015)

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