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Friday, April 4, 2014

Semi 1: 11 Moldova

I almost always sort of like Moldova. They have a sense of creativity, innovation and televisual talent that really appeals to me. I'm just afraid they will have to pull out every hidden trick in their secret box to make this song fully work.

Cristina Scarlat - Wild Soul (Moldova 2014)

Let me state at once that there is nothing bad about this entry. Cristina Scarlat is a powerful performer with lots of attitude and the vocals to back that kind of attitude up. The song is a semi rock number of a kind Moldova entered successfully in the past.

Problem is that it never takes off. Nothing happens. It keeps going and going without ever coming across any sort of climax. That is not a good thing.

In all fairness, Moldova pulled this off in the past. They managed to take songs that were perhaps lacking both this and that and somehow added shine and finesse enough to make it to the final. Maybe I will have to eat my words come May.

Qualifier: No. In a semi final with too many slow numbers for its own good, this will struggle to make an impact.

My grade: 2/5

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