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Monday, April 14, 2014

Semi 2: 05 Poland

If you pull out of Eurovision for a year or two, then you should make a grand and impressive comeback to make everyone think they missed you, regardless if they did or not. Poland did their homework properly and are really coming back with a bang.

Donatan & Cleo - We Are Slavic (Poland 2014)

Poland did just about everything right in my book. Scrap the national final that only produces unsuccessful entries and select a hit internally. If you can send a hit to the ESC - send that hit. Who cares if it fits into the eurovision formula or not? All the better if it doesn't.

This one is modern, cool and unexpected. Catchy and very different to all the other entries. Cleo is a real wonder woman who seems to have what it takes to keep this song together.

I'd like everything here if it wasn't for the sexism. You can make fun of sexist symbolism and make a point out of it, but I have no idea if that is what is being done here. I thought Trackshittaz were mocking sexist stereotypes as well until their Baku performance convinced me of the opposite. But this is good enough for me to take the chance and dare believe Donatan and Cleo know what they are doing.

Qualifier: Yes, unless it turns out to be a mess on stage. I hope for the best, as I'd really love to clap my hands to this all through the summer.

My grade: 4/5

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  1. At the beginning of the polish video of the song the man says: "If you have problems with a sense of humour or don't have a distance to the world, or you suffer a hipertension or senile decay, don't watch this video.
    In all other cases, before watching the video, consult the word: 'irony' and contact with your doctor or pharmacist, because video that is misunderstood might endanger your life or health." :)