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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Finalist: Germany

Everybody loves an underdog and the German audience loved their underdogs enough to vote them all the way to Copenhagen. A brave and original choice. Not necessarily a particularly clever one.

Elaiza - Is It Right (Germany 2014)

Maybe I'm out on really thin ice here. Maybe I am really, totally wrong on this one. But I have a nagging feeling Elaiza is a domestic phenomenon that won't be all that easy to export. Very much like Roger Cicero. Very much like Texas Lightning.

It's not bad as such. The lead vocalist surely has most things going for her. The folksy soundscape in between burlesque and cabaret is intriguing. And still the song falls so flat. I just goes on and on for three minutes without feeling the slightest bit interesting at any point.

And since they're asking: that is wrong.

Potential winner: Unless I'm really really wrong and lost all my skills in this game, no.

My grade: 1/5


  1. I agree with the 'domestic phenomenen' point and the rest is true as well. You got me in the 'that is wrong' part. :D
    At least the reality that an underdog won for once and made some pretty good money then might lure other insecure talents from behind to take part in the up-coming preselections. :)

  2. On one hand I love the German audience willing to do daring choices. On the other hand I was a bit sad, that they did't go a bit further on and choose something more innovative like "Cotton Candy Hurrcicane" by MarieMarie
    I don't know if MarieMarie would have had a chance for a Top 10 position, but - out of my point of view - this songs stands for the more modern an experimental music scene in Germany and could have given the ESC a little push in the right direction.
    Elaiza did a quite funny performance, fitting for an underdog contender in a preselection. But I doubt it will work the same way in Kopenhagen with a more or less average song that could have been presented as well by some other eastern countries (and looking f.ex. on the 2011 entry of Moldawia: they are much better in this field) Perhaps this kind of music was unusual and surprising for the German audience but I have to admit: polka-folk-stuff is not my cup of tea.

  3. I hate it with a passion! Such a shame as I've loved Germany's songs since 2011!

  4. Tobson you mentioned Texas Lightning or Roger Cicero.
    What was wrong with Cascada and Glorious in 2013, Silver Convention in 1977, Joy Fleming in 1975 and many other German entries who had rather bad results?