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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Finalist: Italy

A rock chick with attitude aplenty and a song bordering on being aggressively straightforward has never been a winning concept at Eurovision but there must be a first time for everything.

Emma Marrone - La mia città (Italy 2014)

Ever since they came back, Italy has provided quality, sophistication and - not least important - and edge to this old contest where the most outstanding and daring entries seldom win. More often than not, a song that as many people as possible can like at least a little bit will emerge as victorious.

Emma Marrone possesses qualities that could overthrow that tradition. She has an intriguing voice that will still sound familiar for lovers of Italian music, and they are many. Her radiation has a touch of eurovision-friendly punk that won't turn off an audience that ever enjoyed a Lady Gaga-track.

The problem probably lies in the song. While it starts out with a bang and builds nicely throughout the verse, the chorus never really takes off. There is a bit of a hook but that's all there is and that is probably not quite enough.

Potential winner: No. In this very open year almost anything is possible, but I'd be very surprised to see Italy place better than 6th or so. Surprised but not displeased.

My grade: 4/5

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