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Friday, April 18, 2014

Semi 2: 09 Ireland

It took a while but after a couple of years Swedish entries started borrowing the sound of Abba at Eurovision. Maybe enough time has passed now for Ireland to start making use of the sounds of The Corrs and B*Witched?

Can-Linn feat Kasey Smith - Heartbeat (Ireland 2014)

At first I was just confused by the billing here. Where are Can-Linn? Who are they? The only person to be seen or heard in this preview clip is Kasey Smith. Why isn't this considered a solo act? Or at least Kasey Smith feat Can-Linn?

Once I looked past that, I heard an energetic little pop number stuffed with as many Irish references as only possible. I doubt this song felt particularly Irish before the arranger was let loose, but the effect is nice if possibly slightly overloaded.

Unfortunately for the Irish, the chorus - which is the major selling point in this package - outstays its welcome rather soon and feels nagging rather than hooky. An OK song - not a bad one at all - that most will grow tired of far too soon.

Qualifier: Yes, I think so. The first impression is good enough to take it to the final, where it might meet a fate pretty similar to last year's Irish entry.

My grade: 2/5

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  1. I agree though not sure if it will qualify as her live vocal on the NF was rather poor.