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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Semi 2: 10 Belarus

The Big Eurovision Bake-Off continues with the cheesiest cake in the running. As always with Belarus there are just so many wrong things piled up at once in the same place, but sometimes even a collections of wrongs can turn out right.

TEO - Cheesecake (Belarus 2014)

I will be blunt. If you've read this blog before you will already know I feel a bit uneasy about certain countries taking part. Countries who don't believe in human rights or democracy and other stuff I find pretty basic. Russia. Azerbaijan. And Belarus.

The Belarusian entries are often so desperate in their aim to please and be loved that they usually sabotage their own chances of getting anywhere in this contest, but I must admit there is something about this song that I quite like. Something about the rhythm, I think. Also, it doesn't take itself all too seriously. Which is a first for Belarus.

There are also things standing in its way. There's a fair share of sexism also in this clip that they'd better not bring onto the stage, for instance. And the live performance in the national final wasn't quite a firework. And maybe it will just be too silly for the average tv viewer to digest.

Qualifier: Yes. It is one of these borderline entries that could equally well flop, but I think the sunny mood will work in its favour.

My grade: 3/5

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